Nth Steyne bomb. Unidentified raking the leaves off the bottom

Northside schlep

With a dramatic surge in East swell overnight, Sydney has lit up. Exposed beaches are enjoying 4-6 footers. Bondi was only managing 3-4 foot (neglecting the swell source) and is not the best option today, hence the schlep to the northern biatches. Manly was good…fat…but good….big out the back and definitely had the size of the bunch. It seemed a little max’d out – the banks were struggling. Queensie bombing was fizzing…unridden. Somewhere else is pumping right now. Oh, it’s a Monday as well…and we all know what that means – no one around!

High tide : 12pm low tide 6am. Smaller tomorrow but still decent east swell.

Random Manly facts:

  • Manly was named by Capt. Arthur Phillip for the indigenous people living there, “their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place”.
  • In 1964 the first world surfing championships was held at Manly
  • Mark Eymes, from Manly Surfers HQ, is getting old and complains a lot about sore back, neck, ribs like a big girl.

Have a great day, ::uge

Drainpipes make good banks.

David Hesslop trimming the fat

Mark Eymes, all tuckered out

The bombie fizzing out the back, unridden

3 thoughts on “Northside schlep

    1. Thanks Steve. Always like stirring up the Manly posse…ESPECIALLY that big goose Mark Eymes. Surfs good for a older boy.

  1. Geez, surfered Whaley – too manly close outs, then headed over to sth palmy – same story… wish i ventured a bit more south to pick some of these gems!

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