Gone Fishing

the low down

Yesterday’s decent waves have subsided. Isn’t it a great day to surf when the City to surf is on – not many can access the area! (or they’re too pissed to surf – how packed were the pubs around here – mad)

Today is only 2 foot and swell direction has more East in it.

High tide 10:50am, and with it filling up it should improve slightly. The lower tide waves this morning were lacking.

There is barely anyone out, so if you have the day off the beach isn’t such a bad idea – also seeing the sun is shining for its 4th week in a row – can’t go wrong.

East swell all week, picking up tonight, looks like a great week of surfing (at East exposed beaches i.e. not bondi)


Geurs, a very keen man, finding the odd left

End of another session.

Dash across the cold sand

Wait long enough and a set may arrive

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