Surely didn't expect to see a wave like this today

The morning fold

I must have read that swell chart upside down yesterday, as I surely didn’t expect 3-4 foot Bondi this morning. A new dead south swell has arrived and the 6am high tide was trying to pad it up so they didn’t close out – but – yep – they mostly shut down. Once again, it’s a day to go drive around and yee shall find.

I don’t think this swell is going to hang around…1 hit wonder…so best get em whilst they’re hot.


March this year I shot from choppers above Bondi (March 7th and 21st 2009). The best images from those shoots are now hanging in the Aquabumps gallery. Come see. We’re open every day (10am to 6pm), just not Monday. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach. Still lost? check da map


PS – 26 degrees on Friday. RDO for sure.

Dave Hempton and Carla McGraw stoppin' for a breather

Corner splash

Jono stirring up the stardust

Plenty of wall on this one - rare

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