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This surprise south swell is still alive and kicking. Must be pushing up from Victoria as its been pumping down there and coming in from the dead south.

Bondi was 3 foot and mostly closing out. These banks just can’t handle it. A 7:30am high tide (when I shot) wasn’t doing it any favours. The dropping tide saw conditions improve.

I forgot my tripod today so shots are mostly taken from lying on the sand and low.

Tomorrow will definitely be smaller and a switchin’ to a NE swell. (not idea for Bondage)

Mentawai Charter boat, Tengirri, still has the odd spot available for 2010 (Email). They’ve had a mental season. Watch this vid of Rifles the other day to get your motivated. One of the best waves in the world but VERY RARELY works. (only my opinion)

Later chinas:: yooj

Summer fitness campaign has started

Another perfect sunny day (23 today)

Lifeguard Tower rights

Good left in the corner

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  1. Correction to today’s email. It was TOM WHITAKER, ASP world tour surfer from Bronte. Apologies! Got bad info from a mate down there who wasn’t sure :: uge

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