Swim training thru the morning colours


Mornin’ chinas. At 5:30am I got a wiff of pink starting to light up above Ben Buckler so I rolled down the hill, tripods and multiple cameras in tow.

By about 5:40am the skies lit up into full blown technicolour. Quite spectacular. Amazing start to the day.

Now before you send me an email saying, “was it really like that and what special filters do you use”…just ask Joel the personal trainer down at Bondi…he was standing next to me as the skies blew up into strong hues of pinks and oranges (and I don’t own any coloured lens filters – for real).

Another common question is what secret camera settings are used in these shots. I’d love to come up with something complex, but really the best settings are those on your alarm clock – just wake up at 5:30am every day (or get home before then) and you’ll score a morning like this about every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes longer…(I remember once we had a 3 month stint of fizzers). I shot panoramic film today so have more goods to show soon when they’re processed. Also its incredible how fast the colours turn to grey. (approx 4-5 min)

Enough sunrise ramble. There are waves too. 2 foot. Swell is from East so Bondi is not the go. Bronte looked good around 9am but I didn’t have time to shop around. Suspect Bra would have something. NW winds and a westerly change will arrive later bringing rain and thunderstorms – so I guess the good weather marathon is over folks.

Have a great working week. No major swells on the radar yet. Uge

Mal ride in the middle. (sunrise colours gone)

Sophia Rose Kelley, always stoked

Nott's Ave

Colour inferno above Ben Buckler

13 thoughts on “Technicolour

  1. So glad you captured this amazing sunrise this morning – I was at Bronte and there was a very eerie feeling down there…five mins later it started to rain lightly, crazy weather! Great shot.

    1. Hey there Beyond, yep, used a GRAD ND. I know you know your stuff (more for other people reading this) – but will mention that NDs have no colour in them.

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