The calm before the storm

the wund

Mad southerly change ripped along the coast around 7:30am this morning, ruining the still, calm cookin’ morning. Felt like it was going to hit 33 degrees today (again) as you broke into a sweat before 7am – well now you’re probably under-dressed for work as the temps dropped back to winter averages.

It hit 33 degrees yesterday in Sydney and EVERYONE was at the beach. Bondi was jammed packed…gridlock…so busy it was hard to do anything…the simple things like just walking along the promenade was like a rugby match…or finding a patch of sand to throw out the towel – impossible… and you’d be dreamin’ if you thought you’d get a car park – we don’t have those here. See panoramics shot of crowds (don’t get creepy with the zoom kids).

Festival of the winds was on yesterday – some amazing contraptions (kites) hovering above Bondi beach.

Waves – nuttin’ to see here this morning as this ENE swell fails to produce anything rideable. It’s the smallest day of the week so do something else. Tomorrow should get better. ::uge

PS – see what I saw this morning at 7am by looking at this panoramic zoom

Festival of the winds above the crowds

Do you reckon it get busy down here?

Gust patches

Poppy Wise, dippin' in 15 degree water.

4 thoughts on “the wund

  1. Hey Uge! Love the shots today!
    How did the weekend treat you?
    I tookl some shots of the kites yesterday morn.. Water was beautiful at the ice bergs
    have a great week mate

  2. I can’t tell you how much i love your pictures! they make me feel almost as if i’ve been to the beach, although i’m working. Everytime they come into my inbox i smile. Thanks so much! joanne

  3. in front of my computer in Paris, I have a dream : to see the sea, to feel again the waves of Bondi on me and
    to seat on the sand watching the surfers, thanks to allow me to realize my dream. Valerie

  4. Your pics are a daily joy to me-up here on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland- Uge, and those panoramic zoom shots today- WOW! Bondi is so special, and your eye captures the magic.

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