Grindin' inside a tight tube off the Icebergs


Wow. What a day. Doesn’t get much better. I know I’ve been saying that a lot lately. Firstly it’s going to hit 32 degrees today. Secondly there are waves from the east around 3 foot. Thirdly its clean due to the NE offshores (at Bondi). Go surf. Is good. Even better the further you get away from the eastern suburbs beaches which just can’t seem to function properly with the current conditions. I’d go northern beaches.

Local Bronte surfer Sam is running his fresh fruit and veg deliveries directly from Flemington markets – get on board – Sam the Fruitman. Start the health kick for summer with fresh produce. Boxes from $44 delivered.

How bad are those new speed bumps in the Bondi Beach car park. If anyone finds my rear axles (with spinning rims) contact the gallery.

Few of the local fellas just got back from the Ments – and they got it on. See video by Russ Brownley. Great insight to what a boat trip is like on the infamous Tengirri.

Enjoy today ::uge


Impressive hook.

Bar work.

Bondi fella, Joel Houston immersing in the indo hollows

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  1. Uge,
    Love your daily email. Bondi is such a great place and living here in Dubai helps me get over my homesickness by reading your email first thing every morning. Keep up the great work. Cheers Jono

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