Mid Bondi tight angles

Back in the motherland

Hope you enjoyed our little aquatic-excursion to Fiji last week. We’re back in reality now and that’s not such a bad thing as a new south swell hits our shores. Bondi is bankless and 3 feet. Straight hander after straight hander rolling in. I’d expect it to pick up dramatically as the day progresses. An irresponsible worker bee would dart off around about now to some of those south-swell-lovin’ reefs out of town. Especially with these grooming strong westerlie winds.

Deceivingly cold day with all this sunshine. (max 21)

There will be good waves Monday to Wednesday this week.

Over and out. uge

11 degrees this morning. Brave jogger

Hoof marks

Bondi loves dead south swell. Will be much bigger later today

Geurs pulling into a wobbly one

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