Booming leftie on across Yoni's bonet

wonkie tonk


There was a lot of talk about Bronte this morning – not sure why. About 40 guys scrappin’ for the odd fat burger when Bondi was uncrowded and much bigger (4-5ft). Ok, so there is pretty of wobble in this fresh serve of south swell, but at least there is swell. I am hoping it will settle in and begin to line up a bit better mid morning – when I can slip out of gallery and sample a few for myself.

Oh. It the charts were calling it to be much bigger and better. They lie.

For the chix

4th and 5th of October down at North Cronulla will be the Caltex Honey Girls Only Surf Classic. It’s a premier girls only event combining juniors to opens and also mixing it up by having a shortboard division as well as longboard and bodyboarding divisions. If you’re keen hit up Carlie Thornton at Surfing NSW 02 9349 7055 or for an entry form.

adios. uge south de border

Liquid mercury

Fat burgers

The only wave I saw in 30 mins with a bowl

uncrowded ramps in the south

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  1. Hey Uge,

    Lovin’ the iPhone app! And the photos even more so. Just wanned to let u know though, the dates on all the posts and for sale ads etc. is always 31. December 1969… not that i have anything against Newyears or ’69 as a matter of fact but its kinda annoying when browsing your for pics of a specific day…

    Cheers and happy snappin’


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