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The overnight south change has put out the fire of yesterday’s soaring temperatures (thankfully). How about that heat yesterday. Madness. Cooking. Like standing in an oven. There would have been a whole lotta sweaty, thirsty, frocked up Melbourne cup punters with massive-dehydrated hangovers today.

Drink water. Plenty.

With the cooling south change came wind and wind-waves. Bondi was 2-3 foot this morning – bit skanky and random – but surfable. Fair crowd out there already.

After inspecting the charts, I can safely say there is going to be waves for the next 5 days all falling in the 3-4 foot range (from the south). The problem is the wind, which looks to be mostly onshore. Saturday looks 3 feet and potentially north-offshores for the Single Fin Classic down at Bondi (good).

Random bits

  • SMH reports that a man was charged with sexually assaulting a 21 year old girl down at Bondi beach last night
  • Transparentsea arrives in Bondi tomorrow. (Rasta and crew paddling from Byron to raise awareness about Japanese whaling). Big paddle out 11am tomorrow – everyone welcome to support just grab a board
  • Radiator is doing Aquabumps readers deals – short sleeve vest for $73, long sleeve $83 order direct from manufacturer online
  • Check out this panoramic zoom shot of Sculptures by the Sea View


Young Fella, Bruce Stafford gettin' rad

Wal and his mates

Onshore, but surfable 2-3 foot

In and Out

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