Justin Barnwell, gettin' all rad


Cracker morning down the beach…sat down there for nearly and hour, barely saw a wave come through above your knee caps and then Justin paddles out and BAM! pulls out some aerobatics. So I guess is must be surfable, but you’d have to be extremely patient. Perhaps 1 decent 2 footer every hour. Perfect day for a swim before work though – looks like thousands of people agree with me.

The swell direction is ENE, so places like the Bra would have more to offer than south facing Bondeye. Land max 24 degrees (even though it feels that hot already), Mostly fine conditions. NW winds, swinging NE 13-18 knots later today. High tide 3:20pm, low tide 9am. Nothing on the swell radar – small for another week.

The new lifeguards down at Bondi aren’t too shabby. Looks like the boys have headed off to Hollywood to pursue their tv careers and we’ve got a team of female lifeguards straight off the Baywatch set. Bet there’ll be a few fake rescues this summer.

Manly tsunami? A study has found that continental shelf movements could send a tsunami to Sydney that would swamp the low-lying suburb of Manly. More Info

Later :: uge

The new Bondi lifeguards

A standard wave at Bondi - only 4 on this one.

Before work paddle

Dude on a red mal having a good time

7 thoughts on “Baywatch

  1. sorry Uge, but those lifeguards look like crap! apologies to their inner person if they are actualy human. Peroxide and red cossies make’m real shabby..forgot your glasses or frosted lens perhaps? get out of the village sludge..another holiday is in order!

  2. Still working on the manly chopper shots – have to say – didn’t get the best day, will try again soon – but the odd cracker shot. Sorry for the delays…been busy.uge

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