Thick lip throwing over

slabby ledge wedges

WOW. Sorry about the late update – I have a good excuse this time…

A dead south ground swell has come up strong overnight, and is in full swing. Between 10am and 1pm it was pounding our coast hard. Bondi is completely useless with this size, as was most of the surrounding beaches…so a little drive was really the only option. So today’s pics come from a slabbin’ reef, which was insanely heavy around 11am. My call would be 6-8 foot solid sets. Really difficult getting a decent shot in the water (ok I muffed up) so my pics won’t best demonstrate what is actually happening out there. Took out a wide angle lens, and pretty much swam in circles for 2 hours – well – before a macdaddy set drove me into the reef giving me 5 stitches…note to self, use a longer lens when there’s plenty of water moving (on very shallow ledges).

It will halve by tonight and swing onshore for tomorrow (southerly change coming 2nite), but Wed should be fun and in more control.

Have a good day. 31 degrees out there and 10,000 people on Bondi beach bakin’ it up.

Adios, ugios (with a little chip in the scone)

Golden dust

I muffed this shot, it was a good tube

Gez Blake running the gauntlet

Reef impact (swim in was interesting)

27 thoughts on “slabby ledge wedges

  1. Streuth!! Hope you’re OK. All that ketchup, it looks like a pretty bad cut. And 5 stitches is an impressive way to start the day.

    Gives you a good excuse to be Man-Sick (very serious), and let Deb look after you and mop your brow whilst feeding you grapes n beer

    Happy Healing

    xx Ginni

  2. Actually I really like the ‘muffed’ shot. Liked it as soon as I saw it and was surprised to read the comment. That smooth, inky water and long face – it’s a different perspective to the usual tight shot. It shows what the surfer has ahead of him.

  3. eeewww and oooouch!…you sure thats not left over halloween make up?… hope you coagulate real quick!
    thanks for keeping on keeping on even when blood is pumping out yr head!! Speedy recovery!

  4. hey uge hope u are alrite is that beak merries reef if it is i have surfed it once and it is crazy or is it voodoo
    hope u get better looks like me when i got piled drived into dry rock at ben buckler one day with perth standlick
    hope u get better


  5. Get well Uge, and bravo for keeping on. Hope there were no more injuries you are not telling us about. Those head cuts are dramatic but as long as your neck and back are OK, you’ll be smiling! Thanks again for all the marvellous pics which brighten my day!

  6. I’m with Ginnie………. strewth…. and Shane as I too do not think the muffed shot is muffed. Called into the stand at the art show and restate that I look forward to the daily news as I start early just west of parramatta and can’t always get down. Golden dust also v evocative of the pending summer.
    Also anxious about the grey nurse and her cousins or is that all myth re the tom sauce attraction ??
    But you are clearly the pro…… the camera saved at the expense of self, given the “after” snap !!

    all the best for speedy recovery..

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