Victoria Vidler, mid dance

Bondi Gidgets

There are more girls surfing Bondi these days…more than ever…great to see. I reckon there was about a dozen Gidgets dominating the peak this morning.

The world’s smallest surfable waves are on offer this morning. Super infrequent, but who cares when the weather is this good. You should do something in the water today – it’s a cracker. A perfect 27 degrees – how are those readers back in London going? (about 5,000 people read this photo update in London)

Go now to the beach, ’cause NE is blowing and will up the ante to 23 knots later today.

No surf all weekend – full stop. Good beach weather though. Lube up the baby oil.

It’s 14 days until Christmas. You’re probably like me and haven’t even thought about what to get all your loved ones. Seeing there is no surf all weekend… best hit the shops. We’ve got around 300 frames in stock at the Aquabumps gallery, from empty Mentawaian tubes to aerial shots of Bondi. Surely sumpin’ has your name on it. Come see the gallery @ 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW, Telephone 02-9130 7788….open 10am to 6pm all weekend (just not open on Mondays)

I get asked a lot of questions, what camera, what housing, what settings, where surf, why am I so annoying…. Probably the most common question is where to stay in Bali, somewhere I can surf and the little lady can chill by the pool and spa – the perfect holiday. Well, you can’t go past Batu Karang on Lembongan Island (tiny island just off Bali). Dang. Wow.

Is it me, or is the water super blue down at Bondi at the moment? adios, ugios

PS – Pipeline Masters is on right now and it’s 10ft (and pumping). Watch Live footage right now (there goes your afternoon at work)

Just heading out

The before work crowds (mostly girls)

Julia, out every day

Toes on the nose (plus fading ya mate)

16 thoughts on “Bondi Gidgets

  1. It’s a peachy 7 degrees, wet and dark back here in the UK thanks! These photos are killing me! But hey, we’ve got the skiing soon!

  2. You asked how your we were doing back in the UK 11.45 am and its 1.5 degrees freezing, but the sun is shining!!!!!

    Keep sending the photos it warms the cockles of our hearts. Roll on the 29th January when I leave for 2 weeks in Sydney and happy days on Bondi. Happy Christmas everyone. Jenny

  3. Holly Mama! What a series of pics! First pic is great – lovely wingspan, tight edge, little corner smile.

    Thx Uge!

    M. (from Sao Paulo)

  4. Awwwwww man! Why do I put myself through the torture of aquabumps updates every day!!?? I love your pics Uge but they make me seriously homesick for my second home, Australia. Surfing in this poxy, gloomy country just ain’t the same

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