Wave House

Howdy. Merry Christmas all. Hope you had a good one.

If you’re a surfer in Singapore you’d go mad. The place it one big shopping centre with 400,000 expats running around the joint.

Should you require some board time, you either have to jump over the back fence to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, or hit the new Wavehouse, based on Sentosa in Singapore.

Here’s the low down, it’s 2 months old, cost $1.5 million to build and is basically a 2 metre high structure in the shape of a wave. Turn the jets on and pump 60,000 gallons of water on it per minute, and it’s 2 foot and pumping.

It’s a lot harder to surf than you think. More similar to snowboarding and wakeboarding than surfing – all off the rear foot.

If you’re heading up this way, stop by Sentosa Wavehouse, have a session (costs $35Aud for 1 hr) and there is a decent sized bar surrounding it if you’re feeling parched.

Check out our little video (all taken on the Canon 5d)

Later: uge (back to the vacation, we’re just passing thru Singapore)

About as good as the surf gets in Singas.

8 thoughts on “Wave House

  1. Love your photos I live in New York and since I don’t have a winter wetsuit ( too expensive) it’s nice to see these amazing photos. The water also looks amazing ( very clear). Well I’d just like to say thanks Uge.

    – matt

  2. Sell a few more photos and you could build one here for those Lake Bondi days – maybe even start a franchise. Happy holidays, Uge!

  3. hi uge i am uncle robert from kl malaysia , iwant to thanks you for all the beautyful pictures you sent to me . i keeped all the shorts in my notebook.you have done a grate word keep it up.isaw a picture of you at the wave house singapore it is awesom.thank you.

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