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Busy Bondi

Hiya. I am back. No need to worry, I haven’t deserted you (thanks for the 100 emails of concern)…just needed some time to chase waves without the cameras/housings/laptops. And oh boy, no matter where I went it was small, small and small – like a curse. About the biggest wave I found after travelling through Bali, Lembongan and road trips up the coast of NSW was the Flow Rider – man made wave at Singapore.

Hope you found something over the break – looks like WA was the only place with a wave on.

OK. So Bondi was an ‘exciting’ 2-3 inches this morning (90% unsurfable). I hear there was a bump in town from the NE yesterday – well that’s gone too. The rest of the week looks small, the odd local wind wave here and there. Try Friday where a little sumpin’ may rock in.

After sitting on deserted beaches for 2 weeks you really realise how busy Bondi really is – people every where!

The Aquabumps Gallery is of course open…10am to 6pm every day except Mondays. Enjoy the bakin’ beach weather before the south change hits later – ron.


Tom Etridge... a happy man


Benny Davies from Bondi Rescue. Learning SUP

Never get lonely in Bondi - morning gridlock

2 thoughts on “Busy Bondi

  1. Heya Uge

    Welcome back – hope you had a good break.

    Look forward to receiving the daily snaps. Keeps me sane at my desk job.


    Mark (aka Doepey)
    Coogee Surf Club

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