Gunning the section to safety


Glorious day outside…

These sneaky little swells seem to pop up for a few hours and then dissipate just as fast as they arrive. Last night switched on with a small pulse, and again this morning – ah yes, warm water, offshore winds and 2 footers pushing into the bay…nice.

Big crowd were on it though, absolute chaos – dudes going right on lefts, dudes going left on rights, 4 dudes per wave – WOW – I still think 2 foot Bondi is more lethal than 8 ft H-tees. The flotsam jetsam (aka cheap china mini mals) can send you off in a Ambo on your first wave.

Tomorrow and Wednesday look mighty fine to me. For those that have returned to work, and just downloaded your 5,000 emails – bad luck eh.

17 year old Frenchie Maxime Huscenot won the Billabong World Juniors at North Narrabeen yesterday. The lil’ shredder from Reuniion Island took out the final over Brazilian Jadson Andre (watch video replay of finals). Also NN local, 18 yr old Laura Enever took at girls title on her home break.

Have a good week – at least we’ve got waves. Later:: uge


Jono, weaving in and out of the chaos

A micro duckdiving

Lil' set wave in the corner

4 thoughts on “Pulse

  1. Interesting analysis. While each avnididuil vulnerability is not much of a concern (they may be addressed in future releases), put together they underline some serious weaknesses of the security model. I am more and more convinced that Google just created a glorified version of Facebook. I know that wiki type apps have their place but wherever you deal with a high risk you have to implement a role based model and Wave certainly is not. So, it may work for social networks where noone really thinks about security, but I doubt it will take off in an enterprise environment unless they change the security model (and the underlying architecture) in a significant way.

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