Big take off out the back, rode it to the beach

Big Bondi

Today is quite boring compared to yesterday. 3-4 foot closeouts down at Bondi on the low tide – I sat there for 1 hr and barely got a decent shot of anyone….but let’s talk about yesterday – how spectacular was that! You could see it was going to be a solid day from the morning – but man, I reckon I saw 10 foot + bomb sets smother the bay around 2-3 pm. Had no idea it was going to get that big. All thanks to the low hanging off Tassie…which generated such a salubrious ground swell. At high tide the waves even lapping up against the concrete boardwalk – not often you see that.

Bondi can’t handle swell that big – full stop. Handful of guys were surfing Ben Buckler, providing entertainment for crowds on the rocks. We often talk about getting a wave out the back of BB, and then connecting all the way to the beach – well – yesterday was the day…I saw plenty of dudes on Rhino chasers gettin’ 200m+ rides to the beach from out the back.

Enough froth…This swell will dissipate as fast as it arrived. I’d expect 2 footers down at Bondi by night fall…and then back to summery 1-2 foot range for a while.

It’s going to be 39 degrees on sat – ouch.

Obviously these shots are from yesterday not today – as today was lame :: uge

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Monster closeouts keeping the beachgoers on the sand

Speed wobbles

The boys at the nth Bondi fishin' club in awe

Big sets loom out the back

6 thoughts on “Big Bondi

  1. Great shots!

    Nr.15261 & Nr.15259 have that pipeline vibe going!

    Keep em coming!

    Greetz from the minus 15 degrees swiss alps

  2. whoa…. go hard bondi.

    uge- just noticed a couple of your shots and a mention on the ‘cool hunter’ website ‘’ – awesome.

  3. uge, you should have taken the chopper out n taken some aerial footage – just imagine…
    apparently the box was barreling 8-10ft

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