Mad crowds take over the beach at Manly too!

‘strayla Day

The stench of beer has nearly dried up…also the 50,000 ‘strayla Day lunatics have bailed and the grass on North Bondi is on the path of rejuvenation. Back to quiet Bondi after a massive, massive, public holiday.

I took over 2,000 images yesterday…there was just so much going on…it seems to be the 1 day of the year where you can do whatever you like. The weather turned on and the peeps hit the beach – in masses.

There were no waves yesterday or today. Really unsurfable this morning even for the beginners. Tomorrow same same. Maybe Friday afternoon.

Yesterday I tried to get the bird into Bondi, but access was denied due to air force hornets rippin’ the sky apart…so we flew North and shot Manly to Curly from above. The colours and crowds were jaw dropping. If you were on the beach, we may have an image of you – but wait – please be patient, we’re still sifting through the pile and will take us a few weeks to get them online. We hope they’re worth the wait…but here is a sneak preview.

Adios, ugios

PS – article on Aquabumps in The Australian yesterday (Arts section) – view article

The groms getting into it

Making a giant "H"

The crowds escaping the heat

Havaianas Thong Challenge

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