Jono, throwing out a bit of heat.


Hard to pick the surf conditions at the moment. Last night was hot fun down at Bondi, some 6 foot bombs out the back…and most of the crowds were put off by the bad weather.

Today I rolled down the hill full of hope – but it wasn’t really doing it. Junkie 3-4 footers breaking randomly along the whole beach. Hmn.

The BOM are calling heavy rain and NE winds, which is good news. Let’s hope it cleans the surf right up – but who knows. Today is the peak of the swell for the week – should hit 5-6 foot later today especially at East exposed beaches (that’s not Bondi). Watch out for blueys – they’re back and sending people to hospital.

Totally random bits to distract you from work:

  • If I lived in the states I would go here – the Surf Lodge NY, looks hot.
  • Looking forward to seeing “The Ultimate Wave Tahiti” – a 3d Movie featuring Kelly Slater at imax
  • I still can’t believe Kelly Slater, Taj, Mick and plenty others are coming to Bondi for the Boost Mobile Surf Sho – March 12-14th.
  • Join our facebook fan page. www.facebook/aquabumps why? Cause we’re getting updates out faster on it, and different content, and you we’ll make it good.
  • I’ve never been to Tassie, but hear the waves pump. Here is a little beachside joint to stay at – Bicheno
  • Local residents win against the council’s plans to develop Hugh Bamford reserve into a truck depot – more

Enough ramble. uge

Big frothy one, no where to go...

Now that's 1 way to carry your towel around.

Wal, banging on his backhand

Not sure why, but felt compelled to draw all over this shot

7 thoughts on “Fickle

  1. The timing of your surfing shots has improved considerablly uge. Good work. Especially Aron Jefferys (1st shot of yesterday – perfect) – this aspect improves the quality of your site for sure. I like to see good shots of the guys who can do the photos justice – as well demonstrated today.Cheers.

    1. Thansk Garrick. I’ve been using a new camera today (which I can’t mention the type as not available yet). Basically it shoots 10 frames per second, as opposed to my odd camera that shoots 3 frames per second. What this means is I don’t miss a thing – which is great. Thanks for the feedback and good to see you out in the water last night – hope you got a few of those bombs. I had a ball (even though I only caught 3 waves and had to rush off to a dinner). Later: uge PS _ don’t know Aron Jefferys – where is he from? I shot that image in Mentawais. Hts

  2. Great shots & super sharp in shot 1 & 4. Do you mind sharing some lens info on what you shot those two images with? Cheers!

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