Shorey gold

s h o r e y w a r p

Today we drove to the other side of the island where it’s a completely different weather pattern – sunny skies, blue water, calm beach…ah yes, a nice change from the rainy/stormy north shore. Ok so the waves weren’t pumping but the water clarity was AMAZING.

See you in back in Bondi, :: u g e

PS – if you know where this place is (assume a few of you do), kept it to yourself and have a little smile. No need to post it on FB or our site. Very few tourists here today.

Beach paradise

Shorey Warp


Nice eh?

12 thoughts on “s h o r e y w a r p

  1. granular spectacular!!!….one of the best for sure.. amazing…. what is the shutter speed.. must be super fast?
    super surreal/3D… and to think that, that moment existed for a split second.. great work

  2. Shorey Gold (16785) – one of your best underwater wave shots ever. Awesome work Uge. Hope you’re coping with the harsh conditions out there. We’re loving the rain & cold back here. Honest.

  3. Mmm crazy crisp and clear underwater wave shoots. Love the details from the sand; is it because of a good lens + a good camera? or more because of a good combination of light + clean water (and good photographer)?

  4. I love the Shorey Gold shot – is it available for purchase? And is this one of those places where “if you tell me, you’ll have to kill me?” 🙂

    1. Thanks Everyone…love those shots from yesterday in Hawaii (back in bondi now).
      Those shots will be available for purchase very soon.

      And lenny – it not a case of “tell you and I will have to kill you…” more like “I tell and the locals will kill me – very poor part of hawaii – and heavy local mobs regulate that beach – think that is why no one was there – luckily i look hawaiian – so they left me alone!

  5. If you’re liking Oahu book yourself a trip to the north of Kauai in Dec/Jan. We rent a house, surf, snorkel, eat tuna, drink beer, hike etc. It’s uncrowded and unreal.

    Cheers – Michael

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