Henry Crouch, his ritual morning dip

d e a d c a l m

It’s dead calm out there – Lake Bondi that is. Probably the flattest I’ve seen it in months. Completely forget surfing today (in Sydney). You’ll just be disappointed. Tomorrow same same. Sunday tiny and then finally a new south swell on Monday.

Special morning. Not sure if it was the winter sunshine, the still conditions or it’s just Friday. Well worth getting up for.

Lots of grannies got together and knitted a Socceroos scarf the length of Bondi Beach (700m to 1km). 200 kiddies came down to stretch it out…ah yes, just another day down Bondi beach.

Rock into the Aquabumps gallery on the weekend, got new stuff we want to show you. I am hoping on a plane to where it’s warmer than here :: uge

700m Socceroos scarf - Gran's been busy

Set of the day - yew.

Clean pool, fresh water.

Apparently it's quite warm in. Apparently.

6 thoughts on “d e a d c a l m

  1. sweet uge. nice talkin this morn. frenchy will love these ones. she’ll get to shoot her own soon. yeow…

    1. Hey Petey, hope those pics get the frenchy back over here real soon. Nice to meet you at sunrise the other day, cheers, uge

  2. Hi Uge,

    Just wondering if the blur on some of todays pics a lens effect or post production?
    Keep up the nice work!



  3. I love how good the Bergs pool looks after a Thursday empty and clean… Fantastic colors!! Ok, so I love blues, shame about Wednesday nights Origin… 🙁

  4. Hey Uge! it’s frenchy. Petey is right, I love these photos! I’m glad he made me discover your photos. how good is he huh.
    I can’t wait to see all of this with my own eyes, seeing how beautiful it is through your website..



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