How perfect can a wave be?


It was just one of those days where it’s not worth even opening the car door. The wind was blowing early, the rain has already set in, the swell was small and wind beaten…nothing on offer at all. (oh and it’s quite a bit cooler).

I’d like to say something like ‘no matter it’s going to be cranking on the weekend’…but nup. Not much coming either. So here are some Mentawai flashbacks and random bits to keep you going in between sets. Hang in there.

Random bits:

I have two brothers that have just launched a pretty hot beachside bar in Singapore (see pics). Ok ok, so there are no waves out the front and the beach may be manmade, but their crib looks smokin’ and worthy of a visit next time you’re blowing through Singas on your way to the Ments (tip: Miss Russia is a regular patron – ha!). It’s called Tanjong Beach Club and Sundays are best.

A brave young woman, Denvy Lo is running a 6-day, 250km race across the Gobi Desert to raise awareness of the plight of sharks. Be great if you could contribute to her good cause. more

Enough ramble. ::uge

Just opened, my brothers bar on the beach

Caleb, slicing open the fat sections

My hotel looked better in the brochure

The chamber

2 thoughts on “Darko

  1. hey mate – met you through benny tanna in perth a while ago. saw you brothers the other day at TBC really good joint. living up in Singapore now so if your up this way drop me a line.
    Prendy +65 96690560

    1. Nice one Jeremy, have fun up there – support my bros at the bar – they’ve having a fair crack and heard its a really nice joint.

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