Henry Crouch, mowing down another lap in golden light

S h i f t y*

In came the new dead south swell but so did it’s buddy the wind. Waves pushed up into the 3 foot range but 20 knots of cross shore will definitely put some randomness out there. The gale is said to calm down as the day progresses, one can only hope that means an improvement in wave quality. High tide 3:55pm, Low tide 9am. Chilly max of 15 degrees on da land.

Seeing everybody is so damn healthy these days have a look at this – MuesliMe. It’s a Australia company that customises your muesli mixes. I keep on trying to find the option that says “add bacon” or “extra Hollandaise” in my mix. They’re offering Aquabumps readers 15% off for online purchases…just type “aquabumps” in the voucher code upon checkout. Easy!

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Later, uge

Caleb Reid, foam slaying

This guy just keeps on following me around

The lifeguard tower and pavillion

Corner slashes

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