Yep, it's Bondi Beach alright.

Chill Bill

In 1 line, frosty, sunny morning with no waves.

The ocean has exhausted all swell from last week and we’re in a holding pattern until a brand spankin’ new south swell arrives late tonight. The inbound swell will hit with a 30 knot buddy called Gale.

Swell for most of the week, let’s just see how it pans out.

Cheers, uge

The Bondi Hotel and the moon

The ole' hotel bathed in morning light

Walk the dog.

The only wave in 30 mins - woohoo.

8 thoughts on “Chill Bill

  1. Just a heads up for local surfers – Car was broken into on Saturday morning (8am) whilst going for a surf. According to lifeguards it has been happening a fair bit. They are watching surfers put their keys under their car, then opening cars and stealing wallets and keys. Real pain to have locks replaced on house and car, plus cancel all bank cards etc. Best find a new “secret hidding spot”.

    1. I’ve been hearing this more and more lately! I don’t hide keys – it’s bondi, I lock them in a keysafe or surf with key.

  2. Damn i wish they’d fix that clock on the Bondi Hotel…it would make it so much easier to get to work on time!

  3. love today’s shots, how do you get the out of focus look, is that the lens (lens baby?) or photoshop?

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