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Bondi Fix

Hola. Damn fine morning. Chilly though. Small little bump at Bondi (1-2 footers), clean and infrequent. Most crew where on the right/left in the corner, but I didn’t really see it do much – most waves started off flash, but fattened out pretty quickly. The sun is out, the skies full of colour at 6:30am and you’ll feel the cold running to the car park wet.

I shot a lot of images today and tried to use every lens that I own (12), there is plenty more on our Facebook page. Ava a look.

My old man flips another digit today…Happy Birthday Dad. He’s been reading this ramble for 11 years now and still thinks he’s the only subscriber. Often comments “you should do something with that photo thing you do…it’s kinda interesting” or “when you cutting your hair and getting a job?” Later, :: uge

The Geeeurs Bluuuurrs - small tuck

Quiet morning at Bergs. Closed for cleaning

Frosty right and left chuggin' into the corner

The skies were full of colour this morning

One thought on “Bondi Fix

  1. Thanks for this report :: uge. I think that’s my favorite since I subscribed (only a few months ago) hence writting on your website for once. Outstanding quality (as usual) / wide-ranging shots (certainly due to the use of various lenses as explained in your report… in facebook 12 pics does that mean 1 pic per lens?), beautiful Pre-dawn colors very different to usual sunrise pic (I slept in after a bad evening/night so I didn’t have the chance to see them.. thanks for documenting) and of course awesome photographic subject: Bondi, more of Bondi!

    PS- I thought the waves looked good this am… Please don’t be to “rude” to 1-2 footers waves 😉 If they “leave” Bondi I will have nothing to practice my stand-ups! Really hope to surf like Caleb R at the end of my stay in Oz 😛
    PS2- Happy B’day to your old man.
    PS3 – Better go back to work now otherwise I’ll soon be fired (Reason for termination: spending too much time on Aquabumps website!)

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