Morning ritual, 5 laps.


Surfing should be a really low priority for you today, as the week of flatness continues. The wind has icy claws and is currently blowing 20-30 knots (strong). Put the boards away until the weekend.

I hung around Bronte pool this morning and watched all the locals performing their morning rituals, some swimming, some just standing around in their togs like it’s a 35 degree summer’s day, some doing yoga or just walking the dog…one things for sure, we all love the morning sun from the north. Step one foot into the shadows and you’ll feel the snow in dem mountains. (dumping all week apparently)

If you’re bored at work, maybe get creepy on facebook or find new surf breaks on google earth. My mate Sam spend’s whole days doing this.

later, :: Uge

PS: Horus = the sun/sky God, Gez, stuff like that.

Pool ain't enough, heading out across the bay

Good day to walk the dog

see, this guy loves the morning sun

Lone SUP finding wave of the day

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