Jono, taming a frothy beast

I’m baaaack

I am back from my 4 week sabbatical and pleased to find 3-4 footers down at Bondi. Yeah it was a little bumpy, dumpy and random but highly surfable and very few out.

So I’ve been hearing ALL about the past 2 weeks of south swell madness. How fortunate for you. Hope you’ve scored your quota and stay out of the water for a few days so I can fill mine. Some hot pics floating around the place…geez it was solid.

I have to say, after spending time overseas it’s amazing how many people are up at sunrise down at Bondi doing their morning thing. People everywhere this morning at a wiff of the approaching summer. So much warmer now than when I left…(thankfully)

Bye, uge

Gez Blake doing his odd pre-surf dance (weird)

Morning rituals, Tim Bannfield, Sam Cockle, Debbie Tan

The bumpy lineup shot

Hard place to leave...

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