Only dolphins out this morning catching waves


Where is everyone? Are you kidding me? Are you already well lubricated in Melbourne Cup celebrations?

There are plenty of waves around generated by two distinct swells, 1 east, 1 dead south. The winds are SW (mostly offshore), wooo, but I could barely find anyone surfing them…well, a pod of dolphins at Bronte were going off, but that’s about it. Today is the peak of the swell – backs right off throughout this week…

Good luck punting on Melbourne cup…I am gonna bet on Manighar for no reason other than it’s got an exotic name (and favourites never win the cup). So mortgage the house and cut me in 10% if you win the big brass. The Aquabumps Gallery is closing from 1-4pm today for Cup lunch…(rare)

Art Sydney is next week. It’s when 100 galleries roll up under the 1 roof and 20,000 people come to check it all out – it’s a great event. The Aquabumps Gallery is exhibiting for its 3rd year at Art Sydney and we’re offering you a deal on VIP opening night tickets (drinks, entertainment and 1st dibs on the good stuff). BUY BUY BUY! (choose Thursday night 5pm on the drop down on da right)

Goodbye :: uge

How about that for a bowl?

Ben Macartney's twin chinese brother (from Coastalwatch)

No one here...nup...

Rogue sets with a cross over swell (East and South)

4 thoughts on “MANIGHAR

  1. You missed the 4 of us at Bronte at 6:30! Love the daily update! I travel a fare bit and look forward to the updates where ever I am in the world! Keep up the grt work!!!

  2. From our window we are able to overlook Bronte beach. Being lucky of being at home today I noticed while on the phone several pods of dolphins riding the waves almost next to at least five surfers, who would have been thrilled to share those fantastic rollers with those gentle creatures. Today the dolphins were literally jumping the waves. With binoculars I could follow them at about 8:40am (after phone call) as they rode with the wave and then jumped. What a sight!! I feel blessed.
    Thank you for your daily reports and wonderful pictures.

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