The Beast 1

Archival Revival

These wet, onshore Sydney mornings give me a good opportunity to sift through archives and find some gold. This morning I worked out that I’ve caught 48 flights this year (no medal please) and covered a lot of ocean from Maldives to Hawaii, shooting thousands of frames, most of which have barely been viewed and stuck on terabyte racks in the server room. Sometimes I think it’s better to view shots months after taking them. When you’re there in the moment, standing on a Hawaiian shore and a 10-12 foot set roars through, you’re kinda thinking – whatever – but when Bondi is dribbling 1 foot, and wet, then you have a different opinion.

Seeing you’re all beach people, I thought this might interest you…Basil Bangs are offering a WHOPPING 25% discount to our readers on their new range of beach umbrellas. Now these aren’t just any beach umbrella…I have one and the craftsmanship will blow you away. I’m not talking those umbrellas that snap in a gust of wind, or dagy 80s vomit patterns…we’re talking the Rolls Royce of beach umbrellas. Get one

Pray for sunshine and good waves (soon).

Enough ramble:: uge

The Beast 2

This is wonky pipe (unsurfable)

Some wildmen about to take the drop

This is what I saw down the beach this morning. Boo.

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