Well look at that. A little south swell snuck into Bondi this morning amongst the morning heat. It’s only 2 foot, fat and weak, but rideable. It was hot early, like 25 degrees and the water has finally heated up a little – 19. The nor-eater will howl 20 knots today…creating a new wind swell and butchery our south swell goodness. Water temp will drop too. Much bigger tomorrow though and from the ENE.

High tide 10am, low tide 4:45pm. (see I do put tidal info in, sometimes)

The Camera Club is a group of super enthusiastic camera geeks like me who show their work quarterly at the Beach Road hotel in Bondi. Launch Party is this Thursday 9th Dec 7pm, Upstairs. The show is called “Fancy that!” “Sh#t for your lounge room wall”. See you there.

Have a nice day youalll :::uge

Smithy, out on the air craft carrier

Cool wheels


Burger sliding in the south

All too much for this young lady...a good idea

Colour Camouflage

2 thoughts on “muggy

  1. Uge….if possible, v interested to know your set up for this shot. Camera (1D or 5D?), lense, ISO, F stop, speed. Thanks v much

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