Nice right in the middle


Hiya. There’s a little wave out dere. Bigger and cleaner than yesterday. Not smoking but surfable(ish). A few of the larger 3 foot sets were showing promise, but the banks weren’t doing much. I reckon it will improve with the incoming tide. High tide 10:20am, low tide 5pm.

1.5 days left of shopping – If you’re stuck for Christmas presents how about a gift voucher to our gallery (just call 029130 7788) or buy the latest Aquabumps Book. You know the drill by now…we’re open 10am to 6pm today and 10am to 5pm tomorrow (then closing down for 9 days! I need to get a wave for myself!) You’ll find us at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026. Still lost?

This is the 2nd last daily for 2010…2011 will mark 12 years of Aquabumps. Yes, you read right, 12 salt crusted years. Freaks me out just writing that. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our major sponsors that keep this daily email free for you all and allow ‘Bumps to do bigger and brighter things – Telstra, Land Rover and Canon…thanks.

Bye, uge (pronounced yooj)

Luke Wilson

Grey skies, calm surfaces.

A good summary of the morning


Luke Mussett - kapow!


One thought on “bump

  1. Uge!
    I was going to come down this morning but the cloud cover kept me bed bound..
    But I’m currently in possession of a Canon 7D! (not mine.. 🙁 borrowing it off a friend)
    I tell you what though.. its a far better camera than the Nikon.. 18mp.. 8 frames per second; sounds like a Uzi!
    and the spot metering and AF is amazing.
    Hopefully catch you before chrissy


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