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Goodbye 2010

This is the last Aquabumps update for 2010. I’ve taken thousands of shots and today I’m showing you some of my favourites taken this year. You can see more of 2010’s best at this link.

It’s been a big year. I still spinout when I think that this little update started in 1999 just sending a few mates some pics from the beach. Now we have over 40,000 daily readers (both on our website and emails) and growing strong – we also have 16,000 followers on our Facebook page (which only just started!). Firstly thank you all for reading these updates. For real. Quite often I get people in the gallery saying they’ve been opening up Aquabumps every day for 10 years…which just blows me away that an illiterate salt crusted photographer can keep your attention for that long. So thanks honks. Big thanks.

Also, thanks to the staff of Aquabumps. It’s not just me anymore… thanks Christian, Gloria, Ming, Aimee, Lox, Mischee, Kelvin for freeing me up so I can work on my tan, travel and shoot pictures. Thanks to the Aquabumps brains trust (a group of people that help make the big business decisions, for free – you know who you are). Thanks to our mega sponsors Telstra, Canon and Land Rover – with their support we can keep this service free and helps up develop some of our bigger ideas. Thanks.

Merry Christmas.
Happy New Year.

Got some huge things planned for 2011. My mission is to show you new angles that you’ve never seen before. Especially on Bondi…which I’ve been shooting now for over 11 years!
No more updates for a couple of weeks and the gallery is shut until 4th Jan 2001.

Out :: uge

(my name is actually Eugene. I’ve been called Uge since childhood and is pronounced Yooj – but you can call me whatever you want)

Speed Blur


Buckled Vapour

Chilling out

The lip


13 thoughts on “Goodbye 2010

  1. Congrats for this year Uge, amazing shots as always.
    Hope you have a great Christmas.. looking forward to another year of ‘bumps in 2011.

  2. thank you again for some pretty exceptional pix this year. I ve said it before and I ll say it again: best work in that field….many times copied never matched! have a good chrissy Uge! peace. sully

  3. Hi i love all your work and am always excited to read your e-mail, I’m getting a canon 500d for Christmas and can’t wait to start shooting, i loved your canon video on youtube 🙂

  4. Happy holidays for you and yours and thanks for the joy you’ve given us….
    I guess the main “bump” in 2011 will not be aqua but will turn into a little Tan and all the very best on that front too.

  5. Ugio, thank you for continuing to bring waves to the world. I have continuted my subscription from early 2001… no matter where I was in the world, my addiction to see your photography of the waves is insatiable… from mexico, guatamala, argentina, jordan, austria, living in bangkok, working in london, sierra leone… and even at my desks in sydney and melbourne. bring on 2011… i look forward to your ‘new suff’ in 2011. belinda

  6. Happy Christmas Eugene!

    It’s the end of a big family feasting and worship Christmas Day and we’ve had our siestas etc and now in the evening calm I’m looking at your wonderful pics of the year. Congratulations and THANKYOU.

    On a daily basis, you add great richness and joy to my life as a 70 year-old up at Moololaba in Queensland. And we have given your lovely book to our surfer son who lives with his family in Bondi.

    Have a great 2011

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