Burnings galore


The howling northerlies were in early today. We currently have swell –  just no quality. Exposed beaches were 2-3 foot, junkie and chaotic…dudes going left on rights, rights on lefts, 4 per wave, SUPs going head on…eeck, outta there. I’d say have a lay day and wait for the weekend’s goodness…We have so much swell headed our way from northern activity, I’m excited. Sunday should be 6 foot, Monday 8 foot +…yeha.

The blueys are invading our beaches at the moment. They’re here in force …and the lineup sounds like a scene out of the movie ‘300’. Pain everywhere. Learn from my mistake, wear long sleeves. To clarify what is the best remedy – HOT WATER. Sit in the bath or fill a bucket and it will go away within 2 hours. Vinegar doesn’t work on Blueys, does on Jellies, Ice feels nice but doesn’t do anything, sand – ya kiddin’…and those sting goes creams are a waste of coin. (when hot water is free).

The Glide

Jon Frank is considered one of the best surf photographers/videographers in the world. Years ago he helped me get into water shooting. Legend. He’d never ask me to promote his new performance where he’s teamed up with Richard Tognettie and the Australia Chamber Orchestra linking the ocean, surfing and music in a multimedia showing. Frankie’s awe-inspiring ocean photography and footage glides across the big screen, mingling with the ACO’s live performance. April 7, 2011.  More

The Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend as usual, 10am to 6pm at 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach. We still have the new Aquabumps Book on sale…order online or come on in and say hi.

Later, uge


Team wave

Go left.

2-3 foot, wobbly and windy

Windswell lines so close together - period has dropped

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