5,000 daily Aquabumps emails over 12 years, approximately 250,000 frames shot on 15 cameras using 23 lenses in 5 different water housings, 12 trips to the Mentawais, 2 to the Maldives, a weekend in Thailand, 3 x Singapore(?) visits, 3 trips to crystal clear Fiji, 2 trips to Hawaii, 15 trips to Bali, the Kimberley’s, Great Barrier Reef, 4 trips to Margaret river, 3 Gold Coast missions, 4 Byron interludes, 1 Aquabumps book, 4 staff, 3 galleries (not all at once), 1 junket to Teahuppo (Tahiti) on the Pro, 3 shark sightings, Rotto x 8 and sustained only 1 major injury…a cracked noggin at Vooey when it was waaaaay too big to shoot water. (some say I’ve been weird (er) ever since)

I’m not gonna make a big deal of it, but Aquabumps marks 12 years this week. No party kids, I must be getting all grown up.

To give you a bit of background, it all started as a mess around thing between mates in the nineties (pre blogging)…sending emails to 10 people, then 50, then 1,000 and now around 40,000 either check the daily email or log onto the website. A further 18,000 follow the Facebook stream and its still growing…so I guess, thanks for tuning in. Appreciate it. Some people come into the gallery and say they’ve been reading for over 10 years now…wow. All those typos and late updates later, we’ve made it to 12 years – bringing a bit of beach to your office cubicles. I don’t know where you all came from, but it’s great you came. If you want to say anything, say it here…

Otherwise go surfing, as it’s good (2-3ft), rainy, and empty. I am…

See you tomorrow, uge (pronounced Yooj not Oggie)

PS – If you’re on Twitter (or even if you’re not) and fancy doing your bit to support to children’s cancer then get yourself a ticket ($20) for Sydney Twestival 2011 here. 100 per cent of ticket sales are going directly to Redkite and there’ll be an auction on the night to raise even more funds. The Beresford Hotel in Surry Hills on Thursday 24 March from 6pm…see you there, we donated a large artwork.

One of my first decent shots...

For years I got stuck on underwater waves

Just the other day, a cracker sunrise. Seen a few of these

Lone Swimmer, my favourite shot

Check out how many people are in this shot

Shorey Glory

67 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. Top work little fella!!

    Love sharing your morning shots with the Vietnamese here in Saigon. They are amped on the bondage sunrises and exotic locals – even if they can’t do a doggie paddle across the short end of the pool ;>)

    Si Galb

  2. Hi Uge. Been on the email for some time. Grew up in Bondi in the 50s and early 60s. Have lived in the Blue Mountains for the last 35 years and your daily emails are a true joy. To see the beach and Bondi in particular on a daily basis just makes me feel young again.


  3. Happy birthday mate! I’ve been loving this site since 2001 when I was living in Singapore…the land of no waves!

  4. I have been subscribing since your inception. So you want even more email. here you go! Gotta have my Aquabumps fix, and I just love all the extras and links to this and that, and exotic places you go and photograph and surf have me frothing! Great stuff, love your work, I am sure you hear plenty of that! Your surf news stories, videos etc. All good!

    Sam Pojar

  5. UGE – congratulations on 12 years. I am proud to say I have read every email from day 1. Well done buddy, long way from Ventnor Ave…

    HK scud

  6. Anyone who creates their own job through being creative is a big winner. You’ve not only done that, but you continue to do it really well. I love getting the daily email, it’s quality stuff. Thanks Uge.

  7. Happy 12th Birthday! I religiously read your email every day. Keep up the stellar work and I look forward to the next 12 years!

  8. Every day I save one of your shots as my screensaver here at work. So many drab days brightened! Thank you and congratulations!!!

  9. Well done Aquabumps, anyone who can get their ass out of bed every morning before sunrise for 12 consecutive years deserves loads of support. x Kt

  10. Thanks Uge for the beautiful photos in your daily emails.
    My sister, now living in Connecticut and missing her morning runs along Bondi beach, connects with Bondi every day through your emails.
    Congratulations on your 12th anniversary – what a fantastic job!

  11. Thanks so much for keeping me in touch with our beautiful coastline each work-a-day morning! It’s my “medication time”, Cheers Mate.

  12. Well done, love my window out to Bondi from the cirt. – BTW where the 12 year free t-shirt. Just threw out the 8th.

  13. You’re basically responsible for me hardly ever venturing to the beach from the Inner West – it’s just never going to look as good as it looks each day on your emails!

  14. Look forward to receiving your unique emails which always make my day.
    To bring joy to 40,000 subscribers on a daily basis during the week is an amazing achievement.
    Congratulations on your 12th anniversary and may there be many more ahead.
    Many thanks Uge.

  15. Thanks Uge for sharing your morning magic each day. As an ex-Bondi resident who’s been living in the sandpit of Dubai for the last 4 years the daily fix you supply makes home seem closer and kick starts each day on a enormous high. Luv ya work champ – Len

  16. Happy anniversary lovely Uge!
    Your watching, listening, writing, sizing, giving – is all felt.
    Anna x

  17. Uge, well done on 12 years! The boys in our Noosa Head Office even get your daily – dunno how..nice to see you bobbing around at Maccas last week – great shots..BTW I’ve got ya book (a beautiful Chrissy gift from my wife Tori) & a sick underwater Namotu shot on the wall at home my best mates gave me for my 40th 2 years ago. Keep it up! Gibbo

  18. Thanks uge! One of your shots always becomes my background for the rest of the day.
    Spoilt for choice every time!

    Keep it up 🙂

  19. Innovative and inspirational shots. Always makes up for a bad day at the office. Keep up the good work. Happy Birthday !

  20. Hey Uge,
    Have been diggin your emails since 2003 i think! love checking them each day to have a look at the home beach (and your travel stints) while I am stuck at work.

    Pretty freaky, today’s email you featured the two photos (fiji underwater shot and bondi sunrise shot) my wife bought me for my wedding gift and it is our 1st wedding annivesary yesterday!

    Keep doing what you do mate,

    Ben (Rose Bay)

  21. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the great photos, I am a Bondi local now living in France and its great to get a touch of home everyday.

  22. These photos are more than I could ask for to brighten those dull days I’m stuck in school rather than being out in the sun, chilling at Bondi! They always manage to bring a smile to my face, and hopefully they’ll continue through winter – I need my sanity!

    I actually love these, and am sure all those beach bums out there like me can’t resist an early morning check of the emails, waiting, waiting and then bam – finally 5 beauties arrive!

    One day, I hope to make it into one of these insaneee shots and yes I secretly admit that I do look for you and your camera each morning I’m at Bondi at the crack of dawn!
    Thanks again mate! All the best x

  23. great to have a reminder of oz over here in amsterdam, never miss an email and constantly forward them to anyone ignorant of the charms of bondi, keep it up!

  24. Been checking the shots for a long time, every morning in the parisian subway !

    Keep up the great work mate 🙂

  25. chiming in from Wilmington, NC, USA

    been on a solid 6 years now…still look forward to it every morning.

    good on ya,

  26. I have only subscribed in the last couple of weeks to the daily email but for the last 3 years have been checking it everyday… religously!
    Happy birthday Aquabumps, I hope you make it to 50 years so the 40 000 + subscribers, sitting at their desks and boring office jobs have that little bit of Bondi light brought to them everyday! It’s the most calming part of my day!
    Thank you for all the drab mornings you brought to life and made amazing!

  27. Happy Birthday Aquabumps!!!
    Can’t wait to see your pictures everyday. My son
    lives in New York and proudly displays three of your photos
    on his wall and now has your book on his coffee table.
    Everyone who sees them can’t wait to come to Sydney
    to see Bondi. Keep up the great job.

  28. Love your beautiful daily photos! I am an ex-city girl living up North – miss the waves 🙂 Congrats on bringing happiness to us all!

  29. I recently moved to New York and your daily email reminds me of what a great place I left behind… Can’t wait to get back in Dec for a few weeks. Well done and thanks for helping us keep our sanity during the long work hours.


  30. Great stuff,
    I’ve been expecting your newsletter every day for the last 3 years…
    I just love the concept and I am thinking of doing something a bit like that here in Paris, France…not with the waves of course but something a bit more urban!
    Anyway, thanks for the inspiration and daydreaming

  31. hey Uge,

    i’ve been checking your website on a daily basis for a few years now. i live in Amsterdam, your photo’s help me drag myself through winter. you guys don’t know how spoiled you are with beautiful beaches like Bondi!

    keep up the good work!

  32. thanx uge
    i’m gonna purchase a print befor the years out.
    i gotta man. and whats that bs of no beer.?
    who you s$!@ing.

  33. Happy Birthday Aquabumps!
    Although no longer in sunny Australia I still look forward to my daily Aquabumps report….it’s makes a grey day in London much more bareable.

    Enjoy and please don’t ever stop!
    ZP 😉

  34. Happy birthday Aquabumps!

    Lots of good wishes from Austria and from someone from South America, Argentina, who spent one year in Sydney and Bondi and while working at the CBD had the pleasure to evade work with Bondi shots.
    Seeing your pictures is the best way to keep in touch, and in such an amazing way!
    Best Matias

  35. Uge, congrats on 12 years a snapping from Ireland, spent a few years living in Sydney and love your pics. When this recession thing is over and I’m cashed up I look forward to putting one of your masterpieces on my wall!
    Thanks for the pics.

  36. Happy 12th birthday Aquabumps…I celebrated over the weekend by buying two prints from the Bondi store. I’m stocked! Slowly stocking up my house of my favourite images…thankyou for being so talented Uge!

  37. Loves it.
    I discovered it in Manchester in 2006 as a great way to get some daily Australia action.

    It’s a beautiful thing, long live.

  38. Uge, your daily email is my little piece of paradise in what can be a stressed or crappy day in the office (not all of them, but some of them).

    Love your craft and your imagination and for us to share in that.

    Keep them coming for another 12 and beyond little buddy.



  39. Breakfast just wouldn’t be complete w/out a visit to da Bumps : )
    D. Funkadelica dropped me ur email 4 years’ish back and I’ve been down for the cause ever since!

    From Calgary w/much love and appreciation,

  40. Congratulations Uge! 12 years and 40,000 followers who get your sensational shots on their screens every week day. Thanks so much for getting up and out there and sharing your view with us all. We love our daily fix.

  41. Uge – I still remember the day when your daily email crashed the servers at Deloitte where we were working. The CIO: “Never…ever…send that daily email from your work address again…”

    Well done mate; 12 yrs of bringing pleasure to so many people.


  42. when on earth are you in Bondi, Uge, to allow us the pleasure of your consummate work ?? !!
    Westmead Kids

  43. uge –

    all your beautiful work impacts life more than you can imagine. living halfway ’round the world in the cacophony of nyc, your daily images have inspired healing. i’ve used them to uplift and revitalize. it encourages me to wish to visit Sydney, meet you and see your amazing gallery.

    please know how much your work is appreciated.

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