The swell machine has dropped a gear, still mostly easterly, but this afternoon a southerly swell will pick up and start to show at Bondi. 2ft now, 3-4 foot later today.

Winter has arrived and the steamers are out. Nice morning to stand in the sunshine. We haven’t had much of that lately.

There looks to be waves all the way through to next Tuesday, so just pick the right time and wind.

There is a spare spot on Mentawai Chart Boat Tengirri 21st May – 2nd June (that’s in a few weeks kids). Yep, someone pulled out at the last minute. So if you’ve got nothing to do, you might as well surf perfect waves and hit anthony@tengirri.com up for a deal.

Ok, said enough, enjoy your day :: yooj

Jump rock

Tiny tube

green wall


The right

lip rider

5 thoughts on “Steamers

  1. Beautifully composed images there Uge! Where’s the courage to get in there for some water shots…I imagine the drawing card of dry land and sun won that statement over…good call

  2. Nothing like waking up everyday and looking forward to seeing your amazing pics UGE. Thank you 🙂

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