Mark Matthews, insane tube (and made it)


After a disastrous week of surf she turns to gold. Solid 6 foot East ground swell, summery sunshine and favourable winds. The early morning high tide put heaps of wobble in the walls, but now, oh my…she’s clean as a whistle and barrelling on the low.

Where?….everywhere. East swell will feed most locations and there is plenty of it over the next few days. Enjoy. Just finished shooting these pics 2 hrs ago South of Sydney.

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Ok…enough about Aquabumps, have a good weekend

:: uge

14 yr old kipp caddy in deep

This one is all yours, where are ya?

Speedy section

Sketchy jump off point

Tight trimmings, Mark Matthews

Richie Vass in the eye of a monster

17 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Wooo, the last pic is really impressive! 2 bad I’m in Melbourne for the day… Hope it’ll stay on for the week-end!

    1. Hey Frank – thought you’d ask. Got something wrong with one of my feet buddy! hurts in the flippers – but don’t worry, i’ll be out there again soon -uge

  2. Eugene, Your photos make me marvel at how great our Australia is!! Am in Antwerp at this moment, have been with my David in San Francisco, where he lives, and man the water was cold. A big hello to L & H xxpam

    1. Hi Pam, good to hear from you. Didn’t realise you read my website. nice one. Have fun in Antwerp….thanks for tuning in, :: uge (Mum and Dad say hi)

      Rohan – yes, 14! can you believe it. The kid was charging.

      Kent – I reckon the Cape may be working but I’ve got no interest on a Saturday – will be a circus out there. Yesterday it was smoking. In fact, today (sat) is pumping so I’m going surfing for myself.

      Have a great weeekend, come into the gallery ::uge

  3. great shots except for the second photo is not jessie pollock it is actually kipp caddy 14 yrs from Ulladulla

  4. Uge, do you reckon the cape will be on tomorrow? I live on the central coast, and have always wanted to witness and photograph that place. Would love to go down tomorrow if you thnk it will be on.

  5. I wonder how many other spots there are like this in and around Sydney? I’d say more than a few.

    Recently found one by accident myself when fishing near-ish to Solander. A great left over a shallow reef offering barrels to the brave (although the wave itself is a bit of a pussycat). You can even see “Ours” from the line-up.

    I suppose it’s a case of “seek and ye shall find”.

  6. Yeah I’m only just over 4’5″. Makes for good low angles when shooting. In that photo above I reckon the jacket makes me look taller. uge

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