Nice one grinding around the reef


Surely you’ve filled your wave quotas on the weekend’s booming East swell – it really turned on last Saturday. This morning it has run out of gas and currently 2 foot (ish) around the corner (with 1 freak set pictured that broke above head high). Bondi was struggling to produce anything worth riding (protected from East swells)…but a nice morning to be down there nonetheless.

What’s that? Another swell hitting later in the week – yep. This one is going to be a dead south swell.

Have a great week. ::Uge

PS – if you know of any Magento Ecommerce design/dev genius people that are decent in Sydney hit me back. Me looking.

Stirling Keen, frothing.

Freak set of the day, over head high

Small wedge

The odd right hander

All quiet down at Bondi, swell no reaching here

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