Mary going for her morning dip


Oh boy it’s flat as this morning. I’m torkin’ pancakes, ironing boards, Twiggy…stuff like that. The sun was out and the winds have arrived. It’s going to hooooooowwl 20 -30 knots today from the west – which will mean those snowfields will cool down Sydney quite rapidly. In fact it is going to be super windy until Friday when sunshine returns. The great news is that this weekend is looking the goods for surfers. Book those beach houses folks – she’s gonna crank Saturday and Sunday.

:: oggie

Cloud stretchy

What cold?

Best time of the day

Good morning for beginners, kinda

Road kill

Majestic Mansions

5 thoughts on “Gusts

  1. Thanks Oggie,
    Only been subscribed to the newsletter for a month or so, but very inspirational stuff for a budding photographer like myself. Love they way your images play with the sense of object scale with the background and foreground blurred focus, awesome stuff!

    Thanks again

  2. small waves and beginners? yeah right, anyone can surf bigger waves but have you ever seen someone rip those little ones? for that you need real skill, where is the spot? beautiful picture by the way!!

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