Freshly served south swell has arrived


The much anticipated spread of south swell goodies has arrived overnight. It has leaped from 2-3 foot to 4-6 foot. It’s from the dead south and its quite solid. The winds are a grooming offshore – strong and freezing.

Bondi was a wash through, being super exposed to the south and a beachie (unfortunately that super bank will probably be dismantled with this pounding.) Bronte had some fun rideable waves – but I’d definitely go for a long drive (in a Land Rover of course) today. Yes, you WILL score.

If you look at the Aussie weather map – just off Tasmania is an amazing amount of swell energy. Strong winds too…but some photogenic MONSTERS will hit the south of Australia tomorrow. Our buddies at Magicseaweed are running a photo comp, I be judging it and send all bribes to the gallery (ha!)

So this weekend virtually everywhere will have waves…you may need to seek some protected corners….enjoy. The good times roll into next week – so we should all be pretty happy.

Our Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm. So when you’re done surfing come visit us. A new Café Blue Ginger has opened up next door – ’tis great.

Adios :: ugios

Quite a bit happening around Bondi with the Winter Magic on. Ava look

Rough riding

Rogue right rolling through

Smaller but neater

Clean wall to work with

Bit of a problem here.

Star dust

5 thoughts on “Monsters

  1. Rough Riding looks like a storm of clouds rolling through…but my fave today is Rogue right rolling through

  2. Get your 90mm tilt-shift lenses out this weekend everybody – you will win the photo comp for sure…

    1. Good call Jimmy. Yes that is a good lens. Oldie but a goodie. I do get stuck on a lens for a year or so and then never touch em again. hope you’re not sick of em. uge

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