The big peak, plenty of wall and chunk to work with


If you were anywhere near the coastline over the weekend you’d know the swell has been rather large for a few days. Not as many options as I would have liked, Bondi a 1 wave close out from South to North (6-8ft), Tama + Bra a wash through and Bronte had a little sumpin’ that most gravitated to. I hope you all went a for a long drive and found a reef that holds this bigger stuff. This morning was similar to the weekend, but the howling offshores have backed off a little (well, it appears to not be gale force and only 20 knots).

It’s cold out, warm in… The good news is there is PLENTY of swell ALL week long (with grooming offshores). So if you were to take 1 week off, this one would be a good one – unlucky about the school holiday crowds!

Been getting your daily?

6 weeks ago we made some rather large changes to our email engine that pumps this daily out. We had a few problems…yes (and sacked the intern)…and thank you all for emailing in with your concerns – that’s how we know what’s going on. Today we’re trying something totally new and for a small minority, it may be your first email you’ve received in 6 weeks. Sorry to starve you like that. So cancel the shrink and hopefully we’re back on today. (tell us if not)

Have a great week of surfing :: uge

PS – all these photos today were shot on a Canon 7D (an affordable camera)

Hold tight

Surf check

1st light running track

Bomb sets, take your pick

20 knot offshores tearing the lip of this one

You're on your own today

13 thoughts on “Plenty

  1. Morning Uge, Just some feed back for you I had 3 images and your sponsor logos were just grey boxes.
    I just recently purchased a 7D and am very happy with it… Great shots as usuall.

  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for the feedback. Sounds like it’s still loading all the images. If not too much trouble, when you look now are the images there? See 40,000 people looking at the pics at the same time cause havoc! Glad the 7d is working well for you. I think it’s SUCH a good camera – especially for the price. Thanks so much, uge

  3. Uge,

    What do you normally shoot with?
    Thinking of purchasing a 7D soon. Would love to know your thoughts.
    Amazing photos as per usual.


  4. Uge, amazing pics!
    Crying inside while being trapped at the office.
    quick q – how heavy is Canon 7D + undewater housing?
    thinking to invest in these, but will have to train swimming with rocks / weights prior to jumping in.
    thanks heaps! and have a great day!

  5. Hi again Uge,
    Images have still not loaded, there is a good chance its a mail problem here….The joys of working for the Government..
    Yeh the 7D has fitted into my photography work load so well, it just hasent let me down. Ive been able to shoot in some lower light situations with out a flash that i wasnt able to do before. The last couple of corperate jobs i did i was able to get the shots and the clients said they didnt even know i was there.


  6. Alot of plugs for the 7d lately…Me thinks canon is trying to flog off the remaining 7d’s so they can release a mk ll. Just a thought.

    1. Hi Greg,

      Just so you know Canon never ask me to write about any gear – any time. (in fact I never write anything anyone tells me too!)
      So if I write about gear, it’s cause it’s what I’m up to…and playing with.

      So nothing to do with floggin nuttin’. Just thought I should clear that up.

      I am using the 7d as it’s a decent camera (and I just got one) – small, light, fast fps and good to swim with.
      The files have some decent depth to them…

      haven’t heard anything about a mkII.

      all the best, uge

  7. So HUGE…

    Any way of checking out the staff we missed ova da 6 weeks absence?
    Its stuffed my library right up…

    Good work as usual. welcome back!



  8. Uge, some photo ops: looks to be blokes surfin the buckler and if my eyes dont deceieve me that iceskating rink is about to get dragged in to the big blue… And high tide is still a couple hours away yet….

  9. Hi Uge one thinks you might have to change your name to John Laws…… If you know what i mean…..

    Cheers 7D

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