Deep tuck in a green cave

B e e f y

This solid south swell just keeps on giving. Last night it came in hard – I saw sets at Bondi that must have been 10-12 footers. I am talking one wave closing out the whole bay. At dawn Bronte had a wave…not many out as it’s a lot of paddling to get out. If you picked the right one it may even have a tube…or fatten out…or even occasionally a serious close out. Yes, very random.

At 6pm last night I thought we were going to lose the Ice Skating Rink that is currently situated precariously on the sands of South Bondi. The water came right up hitting the fences 2 hours before the high last night – but they’re still there. Chris and Martin (the organisers) must have been in that little beer tent sweating on that. See the pics if you don’t believe me.

For the rest of the week we have dead south swell (180 degrees)…and plenty of it with offshores. Surf if you know what you’re doing – because there is so much power and size out there.

We’re are still fine tuning our daily mail out…most of you should be receiving fine now.

Later :: uge

Big drop. Courage required. Surfer:Pete Cerneaz

This one lining up just nice.

Never get sick of the morning light

Offshore lip

Sam Mac fresh off the plane from Cloudbreak

Speedy section

15 thoughts on “B e e f y

    1. Black Cloud – hard day for swimming with all the water moving. Would have love to got the lucky shot though.

  1. image 20578 looks exactly like inside section of Sunset Beach, Hawaii. And looks like anonymous surfer is going to get a sick pit

  2. Pete may not have made it out of the shot above but he certainly had the full stand up barrel on his 2nd last wave. Stalled it after his bottom turn then it just threw right over him. He could have put his hands up and still not touched the ceiling. Outstanding!! Definitely worthy of his claim when he kicked off.

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