Bondi 7am - not much to work with today that's for sure!

Light on

There wasn’t not much for me to work with down the beach this morning at Bondi. When I got there the sunrise glow was finishing and the clouds thickening. The waves are a flimsy wind chop -1 /2 foot and best suited to the learner variety. It was kinda dark too, but here are a few pictures of what I saw around 7am mixed in with some Mentawai gold to keep the salt pumping in those veins.


The Lonely Planet travel guides list 195 sights to see in Sydney. You can see them here…. No.1 sight to see in Sydney is the Harbour Bridge, yep the Coat Hanger (no surprises there) closely followed by the Opera House. Then what? YES THE AQUABUMPS GALLERY. We’re no.3 now on the list. That’s before Manly Beach, before even Bondi Beach and the Taronga Zoo. I know you don’t believe me so look here. And no I didn’t rig this or pay money in a brown paper bag. So, come see us all weekend Aquabumps Gallery 151 Curlewis Street Bondi Beach NSW 2026 Telephone 9130 7788…

I doubt the surf conditions will entice you to surf this weekend…best do something else.

Adios :: ugios

The Ben Buckler Loner

Bondi 7am, morning junk

Mentawai Islands, duckdivin' greenery

Mentawais, Matt Griggs the man from the nulla

Mentawais, speedie from behind

Mentawais, off the bottom

10 thoughts on “Light on

  1. … did you see the dolphins this morning? It got a bit more exciting when they rocked up. Aren’t we lucky living at Bondi…

  2. When you shoot in the water many times u are towering over the wave, almost looking down at the surfer. Just wondering how you do this? Thanks

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