The lone coconut, Mentawai Islands a couple of weeks ago

Let’s get tropical

Typical of Sydney, we have one cracking hot day backed up by a smotherly winter’s day. As I write this the mercury is only hitting 14 degrees. A far cry from yesterday’s summer vacation. The good news is that there are many fine days this week and towards Friday she’s gonna hit 29 degrees.

Unfortunately I can’t be as optimistic about the surf. Today is the biggest day of the week with 3-4 footers – but wow, there is some junk out there and NO ONE out. These winds will pull back maybe creating an opportunity to surf later – but don’t get too excited. The rest of the weekend we have north swells (well sorta). It’s going to be micro but nice to hang down the beach regardless.

I sat in my car this morning, in the rain, awaiting photographic inspiration for 30 minutes… it did not come so we’ve gone tropical from the recent trip to the Mentawais (just a little flashback)

Bye :: uge

Jump rock, Indonesia

My retirement plan.

Race you to the beach.

Deserted beach...

Little left grinding on a reef corner.

The islands...

21 thoughts on “Let’s get tropical

  1. ‘No one out’ you arrived too late Uge there were a few of us (3) battling the winds and blue bottles, at least it was quiet. Great photo’s though.

  2. Picked up my limited addition aquabumps boardies yesterday……they rock….100 sunsets are the bomb…

    Nice work UGE…….they will set the trend amongst the crowds this year.

    Keep it real…Jose

  3. uge. very disappointed, cant believe you couldn’t find 7 photos in the whole of Bondi?

    the whole point of your site is to showcase Bondi beach daily through photography.
    i am most definitely not here to criticise you, trust me!

    i am seriously a huge fan of your work and i understand how difficult it is to try to take a new shot day after day year after year, seeing i try to take shots of Bondi as often as possible.

    1. Heya, Um. It was raining this morning which means cameras get wet. My cameras don’t like rain…so I don’t risk it – 1 drop in the wrong spot on a 5d means she’s a gonner (1dees are a bit more resistent). I shot 20 pics from the car, but they’re embarrassingly bad. Bordering on depressing – then I tried again a bit later, and still no joy – so the will is there…don’t worry, I wasn’t sleeping in or nuttin’.

      Not sure what you meant by “i am most definitely not here to criticise you, trust me!”


      1. hey uge, im sorry i didn’t think of it that way!!

        but to know that you tried your best satisfies me!
        i really do understand your daily struggles as a photographer

        again i apologise mate

    2. honestly..your having a dig that he didnt get enough photos…this is a creative site..not a mechanical robot,
      Im sure if uge found something interesting to shoot it would be here..ease up..

      uge your a legend…

    1. Agree Barry – I’d love to see more guys coming down in the morning…especially some guys that surf good. Bring it on.

  4. By the way just been going through your archives…since 2004 you cant even compare how much you have grown as a photographer, its truly inspiring to see, as a young photographer!!

    1. Don’t look back there in 2004. Hell, you should see the crap I used to shoot in 1999…still learning every day.

      I used to shoot film most days, and just use the pics in the gallery – but it’s not that practical any more especially for the daily as scanning, processing you won’t get the daily email until a day or so!

      1. I was there in 99 and thought your shots were just brilliant back then!
        Comment from the non-photographer!

  5. ahhahahah too funny!

    i mean occasionally its the whole fun..eagerly waiting to see how your shots turned out!

    if you get a chance to check out my shots i’d really appreciate it!

    thanks for your time uge!

  6. Keen……or just mad, just got to get your fix no matter what the conditions are!

    and what do you mean more guys surfing good….mate I was ripping it this morning 😉

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