Bondi 6:30am, coupla mates going for a wave

Yep, Naa

Yeah – naaa. Naa the waves aren’t so good this morning. We’ve got confused 2 footers breaking at Bondi. Looks like the swell origin has kinked more to the east, not well suited to Bondi. Yeeah, it’s a damn fine day outside. I mean seriously, can’t get much better. Hit the beach FOR SURE.

Oh and it’s beach weather ALL weekend (27/28) – no surf. The Aquabumps gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm – come see us. And on Sunday The Crave Food Festival at Bondi beach will be hosting breakky for thousands. Yep, Bill Granger will be flipping eggs for the masses.

Later:: uge

A potato chip

How about a nice fella taking Sooz out on date. She's cool

Bondi bikers.

Little green runner. Bondi 7:10am

Yep, this is a log

See, not that great this morning. Lots of flappin'

11 thoughts on “Yep, Naa

  1. 26949 – is this the beginning of new business enterprise for you uge – Aqualove – where Bondi singles meet?

    Happily taken, so can’t help on the request

    1. Sorry, she’s the babysitter (not Nanny).
      If you ain’t got a babysitter – you ain’t gotta life.
      Everyone has them.

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