Tidal stretches, Bondi 6:00am


There will be no mention of the weather today – as that’s all I’ve heard all morning. Let’s just say it’s not ideal for surfing or photography.

Waves are 2-3 foot with barely anyone out. Ok, it’s extremely messy as well – but she’ll settle down and you’ll find a few later.

Entries have closed for the Bondi Single Fin Classic held on Nov 5. If you missed out – come watch. Classic day with plenty of local legends…it will be just like this video from 1978 at Bondi with Cheyne Horan and Ant Corro.

Adios :: uge

Will, where is the rest of the board?

I dream of riding fast motorbikes as well...

Will's new profession.

Girls gone wold

Brownie, getting a beard load of froth

Chasing lefts...Bondi 7am

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