Bondi 5:45am The bright sparks of this morning's glow


Look what I woke up to this morning, real pretty eh? Was thinking the other day we haven’t had a decent splash of colour across the bay in some time. Months in fact. Well this morning was a cracker but you had to be up REAL early for it. Like 5:45am and she only lasted a few minutes before toning down to something quite bland.

There’s waves, 2-3 footers and mega-messy.That wind direction is horrible (E). Fortunately there are some lips to whack out there – so I give it the thumbs up.

Tomorrow looks like a nice day. Sunny and all that. Surf will be clean too…enough rambles, :: uge (yooj not oggie)

Looks frothy and bumpy, but rippable.

A sale on or something at North Bondi?

Bruce Irons, sorry I mean Stafford

Bondi 7:30am, lazy hooks

Matt, getting the heck out there


21 thoughts on “emission

  1. A beautiful shot, that first one. You were right about the surf this morn Uge, it was actually quite good out there, and with only a mini crowd on duty. It looked crap through, and before you gave it a wrap I was just about to get a coffee.

  2. Uge the one at the top can go alongside with Red Velvet Ceiling & Bondi Icebergs Hues your work continues to inspire me.

  3. Hey Uge how do you get your colours so good? do you do any post production or does the beach really look that at 5:45am? love your work as always

  4. uge
    whats up brother.
    Man, what lense are you using, like i’d knoe, i mean how do you progressively improve. Ok, the one with a glass title took the cake, then afew times ago you took one with tide in the name withch was boss, then clear skies was clearer. so i don’t know, um what was i saying?.
    have a good summer man
    thanx for the bumps

  5. uge
    howya been man. i haven’t had time to look and i don’t have time to write but i did anyway.
    gotta keep your priorities strait.
    hope ya’ll are good and healthy.

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