Bondi 5:45am The bright sparks of this morning's glow


Look what I woke up to this morning, real pretty eh? Was thinking the other day we haven’t had a decent splash of colour across the bay in some time. Months in fact. Well this morning was a cracker but you had to be up REAL early for it. Like 5:45am and she only lasted a few minutes before toning down to something quite bland.

There’s waves, 2-3 footers and mega-messy.That wind direction is horrible (E). Fortunately there are some lips to whack out there – so I give it the thumbs up.

Tomorrow looks like a nice day. Sunny and all that. Surf will be clean too…enough rambles, :: uge (yooj not oggie)

Looks frothy and bumpy, but rippable.

A sale on or something at North Bondi?

Bruce Irons, sorry I mean Stafford

Bondi 7:30am, lazy hooks

Matt, getting the heck out there


21 thoughts on “emission

  1. A beautiful shot, that first one. You were right about the surf this morn Uge, it was actually quite good out there, and with only a mini crowd on duty. It looked crap through, and before you gave it a wrap I was just about to get a coffee.

  2. Hey Uge how do you get your colours so good? do you do any post production or does the beach really look that at 5:45am? love your work as always

  3. uge
    whats up brother.
    Man, what lense are you using, like i’d knoe, i mean how do you progressively improve. Ok, the one with a glass title took the cake, then afew times ago you took one with tide in the name withch was boss, then clear skies was clearer. so i don’t know, um what was i saying?.
    have a good summer man
    thanx for the bumps

  4. uge
    howya been man. i haven’t had time to look and i don’t have time to write but i did anyway.
    gotta keep your priorities strait.
    hope ya’ll are good and healthy.

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