Icebergs 6:30am, swim training followed by a sauna

At First Sight

Today is a big day in Australia. Not only is our national airline back in the air but 24 ponies trot around track whilst the whole world watches on. You’re probably distracted from what is happening down the beach today…you’re all frocked up and ready to plaster yourself all arvo in good ole’ aussie fashion. In a nutshell, you’re not missing much down the beach. It’s grey, wet(ish) and 3-4 foot junk. Bondi looked broken. Wobbly walls of water randomly broke up and down the beach. Stick to the races – more fun. I am backing “At First Sight” No.17. If you win a mint, send half your winnings to the gallery please.

Did you know 100,000 people attend the race in Melbourne? They also drink 100,000 bottles of champers (that’s 1 per person!) not to mention 30,000 litres of beer and 18,000 oysters. Good luck!

Later punters :: uge

Bondi 6:10am, nice little blurry curler

Fletcher St, Bondi 6:00am Hooray, they're back in the Air

Bet this guy wants a surfboard for chrissie

Bondi 6:05am, a left. Just a lame one.

No! No! No! Bondi to Bondi walk with attitude

Random waves floppin' into the bay

24 thoughts on “At First Sight

  1. At First Sight, eh? I saw Sarah Jessica Parker flew in last night. Didn’t know she was running but might put a couple o’ bucks on her.

  2. Maybe some of those qantas pilots can ask the wind to turn west for me, I’m so over duck diving every 5 seconds particularly as the water quality is a tad dodgy at the moment

  3. Not everyone wants to ride a standup board you racist! This site is getting boring, time to unsubscribe and respect has been lost mr tan.

    1. Hi Rubin (or Jordan whatever you prefer), thanks for the feedback. Not sure what you mean calling me a racist buddy – don’t see the relevance. Clearly the guy riding a body board is trying to stand up on his lid. Every wave in fact this morning. Hence the comment (think he wants a surfboard for chrissy) – take it easy, uge

    1. not angry mate…but still puzzled by martin’s strange comments.

      ……looks like you will have some sunlight to play with at the end of the week, ha and maybe I’ll have some offshore winds

  4. why dont you put some bodyboarders on your site and maybe give them a little bit of credit, rather than just writing them off. Dropkneeing (what he is doing) is actually fairly hard so he’s doing pretty well. Though i guess your just another ignorant surfer who just wants to be “cool” and payout bodyboarding cause thats what surfers are meant to do. Dont deny it you know its true!

    Though you do take some pretty sweet photos man

  5. It has been a very intense day over a few of Aquabumps, many stunning pictures,
    But thats the beauty of life…. Tomorrow is another day to be inspired by uge’s work and the unique aspect of his amazing photography that we all love so much .

  6. Damn speed humps. Whinging in the water and now out of the water. Unless your charging on your shark biscuit get a real board

  7. uge
    ah. oysters. Austrailias got me forever with the seafood. you ain’t gonna fine no better seafood in the f58493067ng galaxy
    sorry i forgot to shift

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