Wave of the day, don't fall off...


Yesterday was small, today is smaller…

Every 20 mins a rideable ‘wave’ may roll through, but it’s not worth getting out of bed and walking around in the rain for.

Again I grab a coffee, sit down and browse the swell charts in hope for a leap in size – nope, nuttin’.

Our book, The Aquabumps Book “A Day at Bondi”, which won the coveted 2011 AIPP BEST PHOTOGRAPHY BOOK of the YEAR…yes, best..wow, anyway, it’s back in stock and ready for you to order online. Whilst you’re there check out our new online store…cool eh?

Seeya, :: uge

Morning rituals...Bondi

Christian, on the mal and hiding behind the trees

Drop ins...

All quiet down here today...

Crew out with the big boards looking at the horizon optimistically

Bondi 7am, just dribbling

9 thoughts on “L:e:s:s

  1. Hey Uge!

    I am a huge admirer of ur work and was wondering if it is somehow possible to get some of your pics as a wallpaper for computer or other devices?

    best regards form austria, greg

  2. Good point made by Gregor, He is not the only one that would like some aquabumps wallpaper for PC, Tablet and phone. Come on you can do it!! “Ugios selected wallpaper” :-))

  3. Try getting them thru the Facebook page, I don’t work with computers so when I need a pick me up in my day I look at my phone, lock screen and home page currently are set to uges amazing work, always makes me smile! Thank uge for making the our days, phones, walls and coffee tables full of awesomeness!!

  4. Not sure of Uge’s feeling on that as it is kinda nicking them without his permission. Plus they pixelate badly when you crank the resolution.

  5. I have the book and I brought a pic for me mom for Christmas last year, oh and just got a aquabumps cozzie at speedo, so I hope uge don’t mind me taking a couple of images for my I phone 🙁 but u is right anything bigger does get messy, a link thru the website for purchasing wallpapers would be sweet

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