This picture makes me wanna go for a surf - now.


We’ve had some amazing contrasts in the weather lately. Saturday you woke up to typhoon like rain and Sunday you woke up to spring bliss. A few little waves have been popping up here and there, super fun down at Bondi this morning with 2 (sometimes) 3 footers. With the morning sunshine blazing – conditions were very inviting. The water is still cold, too cold for boardies or bikinis – it will heat up soon.

This week will be warm until Wednesday night, then a cold front will hit and conditions will be back to winter-style days. (boo)

Don’t forget the Aquabumps Gallery is open today 10-6 (if you’re coming down the beach). The Aquabumps Book is back in stock and it’s time to put in your xmas orders.

Have a good week :: uge

Floater over that section please Robin

Verticals, Bondi 7am

This lil' grom ate his weeties this morning

Bondi 7:20am Norman, toe drag

No, this ain't me

The biggest piece I've ever done...

19 thoughts on “Flipside

  1. Definitely got the inviting summer look mate!

    Who has commissioned the work & where did you find a printer at that size? Wallpaper print method?

  2. Hey Uge,

    Some awesome photos mate!!! Was just in Bondi on the weekend from interstate…bummed that I didn’t realize you had a gallery there until I was on the way home. Next time I’m around I’ll have to wonder in.
    What gear do you shoot with?

  3. Finally subscribed to the newsletter! I keep missing out on updates because the iPhone app doesn’t have push notifications 😉

    btw, in the photo, is the large print actually on site?

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