He waited around 20 mins for this one...


Funny old week… Most days have been chest to head high (weak), some bigger ones yesterday (4-6). The winds have been up early most days though, puttin’ loads of chop-flop on them faces. Bronte, with its almighty huge chunk of rock at the south end is probably the pick – hiding from the wind. Bondi has been diabolical, exposed and doing nuttin’. This weekend looks to have small swell, you’ll be riding head high sets as the northerly blows your hair back. It will rain a little today, maybe a tad more tomorrow and then some on Sunday. Oh Monday it will definitely rain, like Tuesday and then more on Wednesday – wow, that sounds all a bit too depressing. Is this summer?

You won’t believe it but the Aquabumps Gallery is open all weekend 10am to 6pm. Come in and do your Christmas shopping, this is your last weekend to do so! Or buy a gift card online and we’ll post it out in a fancy card and package.

Have a good day, :: uge

Don't bump into these two in a dark lane, Dion and Rickster Scott

White bikini


Ethan Davies, shorey wheelie

Couple old fellas going for a dip

Bronte 8am, a frothy decent set

5 thoughts on “Breeze

  1. those boys are fit as and run up n down bondi beach, on the sand every morning…nice that u pay tribute to the locals now and then UGE 🙂

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